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                          IT industry in India is growing at a phenomenal pace. Recent technological advances have created a new digital age in our country. Wide spread use of new technologies in IT are having dramatic impact on the market place. When the dawn of last decade saw the growth of e-commerce activities in our country, we see today a situation, where e-governance is holding the key of IT implementation in public life. Governments both at the centre and the states have vigorously come forward to implement e-governance in almost all activities, realizing the fact that it will be impossible to serve the common man without that. This has resulted in the need for collection and preservation of latest valuable data, required for the successful implementation of the policies and development programmes of governments. Identifying the exact beneficiaries and maintaining their data has become a sheer necessity.
The smart card revolution has helped us to store and retrieve the required information and the entire successes of all these programmes are dependent on this. Implementation of the national policy on issue of Unique Identification cards to the entire citizen of the country and the creation of National Population Register all requires handling of enormous amount of normal as well as biometric data. All these needs put together call for the need of an excellent unfailable Data Support Systems.
Today we witness an era where millions of computers are deployed in e-commerce and e-governance activities and they have to be maintained well in order to get uninterrupted services. Technology can give desired results only when equipments are maintained properly. This situation has created the need for quality hardware professionals.

Our Mission

      It is our endeavor to create intelligent, innovative and state of art technology solutions. We believe in delivering the right quality at reasonable prices and are committed to create a vibrant company promoting the cause of customer satisfaction to serve public and organizational needs. Through this venture we are committed to create immense value for our customers and thus to be identified as a significant contributor to their growth. We are dedicated to innovation and Quality, in providing cost-effective solutions to our customers in the area of Information Technology.